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We provide New Zealand businesses proven, end-to-end workforce solutions centered on Filipino skills and talents, and human resource management.

Why Choose Us

We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today, and we did it with the support of good people willing to be in the trenches with us. It’s getting harder to find quality workers, and New Zealand does not have the workforce available, so we’re open to trying new things and embracing new cultures. Without good people we can’t run our business and support our families the way we would like, which is everything to us.
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Firsthand Experience

We are passionate and knowledgeable, driven by authentic, real-life encounters and firsthand experience.
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End to End Knowledge

We have a knowledge base built with decades of experience in immigration, recruitment and pastoral care to provide specific client services and solutions.

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Clients keep coming back as they value and trust CCR’s genuine interest in helping candidates and clients maximise their potential.

Experts in our Field

We have a superior understanding of protocols and procedures and are well respected for our quality applications. We are good at what we do.

Reviews from Our Clients

CCR Group is a dedicated, full-service employment, recruitment and human resource company servicing hundreds of businesses across many countries.
Cross Country Solutions provides outsourcing services to support all our services.

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