4 Reasons Why You Should Obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) Through a Recruitment Agency

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The Overseas Employment Certificate is a document issued by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) certifying the regularity of the recruitment and documentation of an overseas Filipino worker. In short, it’s a certificate that will allow a Filipino worker to leave the Philippines to work in another country. The worker cannot leave the Philippines legally without the document. If you are hiring a migrant employee, you need to make sure you have the OEC before their departure. The process of acquiring an OEC is quite technical and time consuming, which is why we recommend going to a recruitment agency for support in gaining exit clearance for workers departing from the Philippines. To explain further why that’s the case here are 4 reasons why you should trust CCR to process your overseas employment certificate:

1. Processing and submitting papers to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW)  

Considering the exhaustive requirements involved in obtaining an OEC, knowing the correct documents and how to go about collecting them can often be confusing for employers caught out on OECs for the first time. However, not only do you need the correct documents, but you also need to send them to the right agencies, which can be especially troublesome since you are applying to a different country with a foreign language. With CC Recruitment, our team will be able to manage everything you will need for your application including submitting it to the correct authorities. We take great pride in being a culturally diverse team, with teams in both New Zealand and the Philippines, which allows us to be able to effectively and efficiently manage OEC submissions.  

2. Having a foot in both camps  

Often, the recruitment agency is based solely in the Philippines or New Zealand, making it harder to pick the best person for the job and efficiently arrange documentation. However, CC Recruitment is based in New Zealand with a partner agency in the Philippines, which allows us to easily gather and submit documents across both countries. Furthermore, if there is an issue with the application, our team will be able to communicate well and act fast to resolve the problem. When applying for an OEC, documents need to get verified at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Wellington, New Zealand and the Department of Migrant Workers in the Philippines. Instead of trying to keep tabs on what documents have or haven’t been approved in which country, get in touch with CC Recruitment and our agency will be able to help.  

3. Less risk 

When hiring someone from overseas, it could feel like you’re taking a risk because there is a chance the application might be denied because of improper documentation. If you are caught out on OEC at the last minute, we understand it would be a stressful situation to be in, so it will be faster and more effective to use the services of our agency as early as possible. Despite the hurdles of immigration, hiring workers from overseas is a great way to boost your company’s workforce and performance. Entrusting us with your worker will help reduce the pressure of immigration processing, as we have managed many successful journeys throughout our 1200+ placements. Our recruitment agency has the best resources and talent to process last-minute documents quickly and efficiently. The CC Recruitment team has a lot of experience applying for an OEC, so we know what needs to be done to achieve hassle-free success for you.

4. Make it simple

The process of applying for an OEC involves two phases of documentation. During the first phase, individuals need to submit documents verifying their qualifications, alongside a company profile, and a letter from the Philippine Overseas Labor Office seeking exemption from the ban on direct hiring. We can manage this on your behalf, all we would need is information about you and the candidate. The second phase requires the submission of government labour-related documents including valid medical certificates, medical exams, pre-employment orientation seminar certificates, and DMW clearance to name a few. Instead of going through all of this yourself, you can do it all in one simple hand-off with CC Recruitment as we can help your candidate clear all of the above. We make the process a lot simpler, all you have to do is wait for the results, while we take care of everything else.

With our services you can obtain your OEC with ease, so you do not have to face the pressure of gathering the correct documents, applying to the right authorities and being overwhelmed with last-minute documents. Visit our OEC page on CC Recruitment to enquire about our OEC services today!




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