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Moving to a new country to work can be a very challenging time – there’s new laws, customs, ways of working and people to get used to, and sometimes the pressure of it all can mean employees become unhappy in their jobs. But there are other solutions to these challenges rather than quitting your job.


The reality is, you are in control of how you feel about your work, and there are many things you can do before throwing in the towel. We’ve done some research on how to get more out of your work and put together the top five things you can do to make your work life more enjoyable.

1. Communication

Due to our recent pioneering history, New Zealanders have a very strong independent streak and do not like to be micro-managed. But this does not always sit well with other cultures, who are happier following detailed instructions and want to know the exact schedule of tasks.


The way cultures communicate is equally diverse; tone of voice, and the words chosen can either build trust or break it between Kiwi employers and migrant employees.


Your employer wants you to be happy at work and they want you to stay with their company, so if you feel uncomfortable about their style of management, organisation, or the way they communicate, it’s really important to tell them, because they are likely too busy to notice!


You can do this either by mentioning the issue to them during work hours, or by setting up an appointment with them to discuss the issue. If you feel this is too challenging, contact one of CC Recruitment’s pastoral care workers and they can advocate on your behalf to solve the issue.

2. Create a bond

Human beings love to create connections and it’s no different whether we’re at home or work. Connecting with others boosts morale and enjoyment, but it’s something many employees forget.


Choose to make an effort to connect with your colleagues at work by talking to them during break times, bringing food to share and meeting with them outside of work to socialise. Developing camaraderie within the team will make your working day so much more enjoyable.


You need to get to know your boss and your colleagues’ personalities and how they like to work because understanding them will help you adjust to your workplace and you’ll feel more comfortable addressing any issues that arise.

3. Address issues early

Whether it’s your accommodation that isn’t satisfactory, a colleague is bothering you, or you’re struggling to learn a new task, it’s crucial to ask for help as soon as possible.


If you don’t address your problems, they can snowball into bigger issues in your mind and you can become unhappy or dissatisfied with your work as a result.


Our pastoral care team is always on hand to give you advice and listen, or alternatively, schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss the things that you’re not happy with.


Simply talking about things and making a plan to solve issues can often be enough to make you feel better about your work.

4. Seek out opportunity

Nobody works for love, they work for money, and it’s important to set goals around career progression and salary. However, your employer won’t necessarily tell you about opportunities, so don’t be afraid to ask.


The most effective way of doing this is to ask for bi-annual meetings with your boss to discuss any issues; skill developments; training you may want to undertake; and your goals in terms of career and pay progression.


Your employer will likely be very keen to help you achieve your goals and retain you in their business and you can work together to make a plan and timeframe to achieve your goals.

5. Ask for what you want

With the current undersupply of good employees, it makes sense for employers to differentiate their workplace from their competitors’. Benefits that some employers offer range from providing morning tea; gym memberships; early Friday finishes; work drinks or dinner.


Other more substantial benefits may include: a mobile phone, laptop, work vehicle, health insurance, dental plan, bonuses, or even shares in the business.


It never hurts to ask for added benefits, because employers know that if they keep you happy, you’re far more likely to stick with their business.


Changing your mind set around work can take a little effort but it is possible. Remember, it’s often the same issues that crop up at each workplace, so addressing the issue is a more effective way to solve unhappiness in your job.


The added benefit is that you will progress more quickly once your employer knows you well, as opposed to switching to a new workplace where you’ll have to start from scratch.


And remember, if you are finding your job overwhelming or there are issues at work, don’t hesitate to contact CC Recruitment’s pastoral care team who are on hand to help you.




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