Benefits of hiring a Licensed Immigration Adviser

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing immigration regulations. Whether you’re an individual interested in relocating to New Zealand or a business looking to hire migrant workers, Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIA’s) can ensure your visa application process goes smoothly. In this article, we will discuss why hiring a LIA is a smart move for both businesses and individuals.

1. Expertise you can trust

Not anyone can become a LIA. Licensed Immigration Advisers have an in-depth understanding of the immigration landscape and have studied the regulations closely to qualify and keep their registration current. Through ongoing study and experience, they know what to look out for when assisting clients with a visa application. Licensed Immigration Advisers are required to stay up to date with the, ever-changing, New Zealand immigration regulations and policies to ensure all applications submitted follow the correct regulations with the correct requirements.

2. Avoid costly mistakes

We have had many clients come to us after their application has been declined or they have had issues with their visa application. Using the services of a LIA, you will be guided every step of the way during your immigration application process, so you follow the rules and regulations.

3. Support in your corner

It can be a daunting process to apply for a visa, especially for the first time. It can be hard to keep up with the extensive list of documents that need to be submitted and wait for a long time for the application to be considered. On top of that, scammers have been targeting visa applicants and migrant workers to take advantage of them during this stressful time. When applying for a visa with a Licensed Immigration Adviser, you have a trustworthy point of contact if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your visa application. They are also the person to call if you receive a strange phone call from the “Immigration Bureau” claiming there is a problem with your visa.

4. Tailored solutions

Each applicant and business have unique circumstances when it comes to immigration. Our Licensed Immigration Advisers have successfully advised and supported individuals to apply for a range of visa categories to come to New Zealand. Furthermore, our LIAs have assisted businesses from all kinds of industries to recruit and bring migrant workers to New Zealand.


During the initial contact, our LIA’s will assess your situation to provide you with a tailored strategy to maximize efficiency and provide the best option/s for you or your potential migrant staff. This process will allow our LIA’s to advise on the best visa pathway and mitigate potential challenges to support the visa applications success.


Our Licensed Immigration Advisers have years of experience assisting with the full range of visa applications that have provided life-changing opportunities to customers.

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