Benefits of Hiring Migrant Workers

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Some would say that jobs should go to kiwis before anyone else. However, there is a major labour shortage in New Zealand right now and immigrant workers are the ready solution to solving this issue. But besides being a reliable talent pool for plugging the gaps in our labour market, there are also wider, less talked about benefits that come with hiring workers from overseas.

1 – Introduce diversity and new skills to the workforce

An advantage that businesses gain when hiring immigrant workers is the diverse knowledge and skills they bring to the table. Local-only workforces can become static in their skillset and their approach to problems. By welcoming new employees from overseas, you are also welcoming their unique experiences, ideas, and expertise that can be passed on to the total team. Furthermore, diversifying the workforce encourages teams to think more strategically about the way that they work. And if you are ever thinking about entering the international market, it would be wise to hire staff who would be able to communicate more efficiently with international stakeholders.

2 – Improve how the company operates

Hiring migrant workers can improve the internal environment of the company and help enrich the workplace culture. Often, organisations are not aware of how their employees operate and what their values and beliefs are. As a result, the company has areas within operations or culture that need improvement in order to stay successful. By hiring migrant workers with a fresh perspective, they can help identify these shortcomings and address them to create a more comfortable and productive environment for everyone to work in.

3 – Driven to succeed

When coming to New Zealand, migrant workers leave behind the comforts and connections of their home country for the opportunities that arise from working here. In our experience, migrant employees are often more driven and dedicated because of this. They are unafraid of new environments, with arguably less room for failure and more to gain from successes. We often hear from our clients that they are thrilled to have Filipino workers on the team because “they turn up with a smile and get everything done and nearly always go above and beyond what is required.”


Overall, immigrant workers bring many benefits to the workplace. They impart their knowledge to your team, have a great impact on diversifying workplace culture, and are driven to succeed and learn. International labour has always been a big part of the New Zealand workforce, and at a time when employers need their help, it is important to know that migrant workers bring more to the table than just filling our gaps. 




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