Mistakes to avoid in your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae is the document that helps recruiters identify the most suitable applicants for the job. This is a make-or-break moment because a poor resume might not get the candidate through to the next step even if he or she is perfect for the job.

As recruiters, we review many resumes. Some of them are great, while others have common mistakes, so we thought we would share some CV tips to help you improve your chances of getting an interview.

Proofread your resume and cover letter

To make sure your resume looks professional, always proofread before sending it. To a recruiter, a resume with typo errors, misspellings or bad grammar indicates that the applicant did not care enough to double check their work, which could negatively affect the candidate’s chances of being successful. A good tip to fix this issue is to proofread it and ask your friend or family member to read it because they might notice mistakes you have missed.

Include the latest information

It is best to keep your application simple and only related to you – the applicant. Make sure to not overload the recruiter with unnecessary information that does not apply to the job. Avoid listing unnecessary information such as, trainings unrelated to the job, family background and hobbies. Parents and partners can be listed as emergency contacts when required, but that will be at a later stage in the process.

Since there is limited space for information, make sure you list the core details of your education and job experience. Here are some tips on how to format key information about you:

For the recruiter to assess your experience, you will need to provide your employment history. It is better to list your current or latest employment first. The recruiter is most interested in details of your current or latest employment history to assess your experience and qualifications.

Under Education Attainment it is best to just list your highest Educational Attainment, rather than elementary or secondary, as it is irrelevant. The recruiter wants to know the latest information, not each school you went to.

A brief and detailed CV is key

It is best to keep your resume short and detailed covering only to 1 page. Recruiters and employers have to review many other CV’s, so they will have limited time to evaluate each resume thoroughly. Avoid listing too many job duties and responsibilities, instead you can focus on just 5 core duties and responsibilities. Keep it short, but detailed. Make sure to always ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Is this relevant information?

2. Does this reflect my skills and experience?

3. Is this easy to read?

You want to stand out in the eyes of the recruiter in the first 10 seconds of them reading your CV.


Recruiters have to scan though many resumes, so you need to pay attention to formatting the information in a way that is easy to read. For example, many poor resumes include bad quality photos and hard to read font that is also too big or too small.

Also, untidy formatting and bad design and layout make a CV hard to read. It makes the recruiters’ job harder because they need to spend time understanding the content. Make sure you structure your information well and maintain a good-sized professional font throughout the document. Make the resume easy to read by incorporating headings and bullet points. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Would you continue reading a resume that is confusing and hard to read when you have a stack of CV’s to go through?

Overall, first impressions are important. Even though your skills and knowledge are the requirements that land you the job, presentation of the information is also crucial. We hope these tips are helpful and you apply them to your resume to increase your chances of getting through to the next stage!




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