Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Staff


With the unemployment rate at an historically low level, it is harder than ever to retain your best employees. Gone are the days when staff will stick with a job where they’re not happy; there are just too many opportunities out there for them to explore.


Now more than ever it’s important to understand what your staff want and how to keep them happy. To help you retain your workers, we’ve done some research on the ways forward-thinking employers are making the workplace a great place to be, thereby holding onto their employees.

1. Communication

Due to our recent pioneering history, New Zealanders have a very strong independent streak and do not like to be micro-managed. But this is not the case with all cultures. Filipinos tend to want detailed instructions and are often happier when they know the exact schedule of tasks.


The way you communicate is equally important; your tone of voice, and the words you choose can build trust or break it. Filipinos tend not to react well to raised voices, so if your communication style is too assertive, you won’t build a strong relationship, and they’ll want to work somewhere where they feel more secure.

2. Create A Bond

Human beings love to create connections and it’s no different whether they’re at home or work. Connecting with others boosts morale and enjoyment, but it’s something many employers choose not to invest in.


But building bonds between team members is a fantastic way of increasing morale in the work place. There are many ways to do this, including: team-building days; celebrating successes and completed goals; work dinners/drinks; and celebrating staff birthdays.

3. Assess Personality

While cultures have certain traits that are predominant, generalising is never helpful. You need to get to know your employee’s personality and how they like to work. For example, if your employee likes to joke around a lot, but you need to talk about a serious work issue, schedule a meeting with them to indicate the gravity of your message; or alternatively, if your employee has a serious personality, perhaps address issues in a more casual context. It’s important that you get to know your employees and respond to them as individuals. When an employee is treated as an individual they feel they are acknowledged and this promotes a sense of belonging.

4. Promote Opportunity

Nobody works for love, they work for money, and it’s important to remember that many employees will have their eye on career progression and a higher salary. However, they won’t necessarily be forward in asking about opportunities.


That’s why it’s important that employers make their staff aware about career progression within their business. Meeting with each employee on a bi-annual basis to enquire about their goals is an excellent way to gauge their engagement with their work and to understand where they’d like to go within your business. Once you know, you can give them an indication or a plan on the likely timeframe of achieving their goal.

5. Added Benefits

With the current undersupply of good employees, it makes sense to differentiate your workplace from your competitors’. Benefits can be wide-ranging from providing morning tea; gym memberships; early Friday finishes; work drinks or dinner.


Other more substantial benefits may include: a mobile phone, laptop, work vehicle, health insurance, dental plan, bonuses, or even shares in the business.


The important thing to remember is that benefits are a tangible investment in the retention of staff. Your business will benefit from not having to train new staff so often, and your stress levels should be improved, too!


Making your workplace a great place to be takes a bit of effort, time and a financial investment. But it’s key to see this investment as an essential part of your business plan, because it’s your staff who make your business possible.


So, next time you notice that one of your staff seems dissatisfied at work, try addressing the issue in a proactive way, and make a plan to keep them.




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