What to think about for your online interview

Interviews are always a bit stressful. But with one-way online interviews there are also other things you need to consider such as the equipment you use, your background and speech. Many times, we see candidates complete their one-way interviews with bad quality videos, that ruin their chances of getting to the next stage in the recruitment process. We thought we would give you some tips, so you can be well prepared for your interview. Here are a few things you should think about before the online interview:

Use good equipment for the recording

When recording yourself, if you are using the headset or earphones, make sure the microphone is of good quality so the viewer can hear you clearly. Bad sound quality would negatively affect your chances of successfully going to the next round. Furthermore, you require to have a stable internet connection to record your video and upload it for the employer to be able to access it. If you are using your mobile phone to record your video, use a mobile holder or place your device in a sturdy place, so the camera doesn’t shake.

Make sure you show professionalism in your video

Make sure your background is neat and neutral, so it does not take away attention from you. When you are recording your video, do it in a quiet room with good lighting to make it easy for the employer to see you and hear you. Avoid recording your video in a public place or a dark room, as that could ruin your chances of being successful in your interview. Wear professional or presentable clothes to show your professionalism. Recording the video in pajamas would not make a good impression on the employer. When speaking, sit straight and make eye contact. This will make you look friendly, open and professional.

Know what to say in your video

Not sure what to say in the video? Provide an overview of your employment history, such as employer name, location, duration, your duties and responsibilities. Start with your latest job, as this is what the employer will be most interested in and then you can talk about other roles you have had in the past.  

Review your video before submitting

You have recorded your video and are about to submit it, but did you rewatch it to catch any mistakes or technical issues? An employer will not reach out to you to rerecord your video because there will be other candidates who have submitted good quality videos. You have one chance to impress the employer. Make sure to rewatch the video or even ask your friend or family member to review it, so they can identify any issues you might have missed. Remember, you can rerecord your video before submitting it, so you have plenty of time to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible. 


Remember, we will present your video to various clients, so bring your A-game!  




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