Job Check

The Job Check, also referred to as a labour market check, is a compulsory action in the 3-step Accredited Employer Work Visa (AWEV) process.


Job Checks are enforced to ensure that jobs are advertised locally to ensure that there are no New Zealanders currently available in the market to do a job.


This is to support local employment and ensure New Zealanders are considered for jobs before an employer looks to recruit migrant workers.

To Qualify for a Job Check

All jobs must be:

Jobs cannot be for self-employment.


Nor can jobs be for planting, maintaining, harvesting or packing crops in the horticulture or viticulture industries as these jobs are fall under the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme. For these jobs, refer to the Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa.

Applications for the AEWV job check opens on 20 June 2022

Median Wage

As stated above, the offered pay for employment must be at least the median wage($27.76).


Highly paid jobs are the exception to this rule and are recognised as paying at least 2x the median wage ($55.52) or equivalent salary. Highly paid jobs do not need to be advertised locally.


The median wage is updated once per year.


If the updated median wage falls outside of the range of your advertised wages, then you must perform a new job check.


If the median wage is updated before the visa application is submitted, the pay offered will need to be updated. The Government will signal a change in the median wage in advance, but employers should be mindful any potential increase occurring during the job check’s valid period.


Documentation supplied when applying for a job check must include:

Job Description should include the minimum skills for the role, i.e.: qualifications or experience required. Immigration New Zealand will check that the migrant has the skills outlined in the Job Check documentation when issuing their visa.


Employment Agreement must comply with New Zealand employment law, include a clause about paid leave entitlements, and include information about the pay period. Pay information must include the maximum hours before overtime rates, as well as details of the overtime rate of pay, and the number of hours the employee may be asked to work (including expected overtime).

Advertising must:
The employer must genuinely consider any New Zealanders who apply to the job ad.

An approved job check is valid for 6 months, unless cut short by employer accreditation expiry or suspension.


Only one valid job check is needed for hiring multiple positions where the job details are the same. Details include occupation, pay range, location, and minimum job/skill requirements. As these positions would be covered by the same advertising and employment agreement.

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