English translations will be required for visitor visa supporting documents

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has recently announced a significant update regarding visitor visa applications. Starting from June 17, 2024, all supporting documents submitted with visitor visa applications must be provided in English. This change aims to streamline the application process and ensure efficiency in document processing.

Examples of documents that require translation can include:

  • proof of funds — such as bank statements, pay records
  • flight itineraries including return tickets
  • proof of employment in your home country
  • leave of absence documentation
  • identity documents other than passports — for example, Hukou for Chinese nationals.
  • visitor visa applicants are already required to furnish English translations for any medical and police certificates issued in a language other than English.

Applicants can provide certified translations completed by:

  • reputable private or official translation businesses 
  • community members known for their accurate translations, excluding the applicant, family members, or licensed immigration advisers (LIAs) not advising on the application can do the translation 

INZ will also accept translations from a licensed immigration adviser (LIA) who is:

  • a trustworthy person within the community 
  • known to translate documents accurately 
  • not an LIA on the application 

What Happens If You Don't Comply with English Translation Requirements?

Applications without translated documents are likely to be declined. For more information on providing English translations of supporting documents, please visit INZ’s official website


If you’re planning to apply for a visitor visa to New Zealand, please ensure that all supporting documents are translated into English to avoid any complications with your application.

Need help with visa application?

Our CC Immigration team has in-house licensed immigration advisers (LIAs) that offer expert assistance to ensure your documents meet the requirements of Immigration New Zealand.


Contact us through this webform to start your visa application process: Visa application webform


Stay informed, stay prepared! 

For more information:

🔗 Visa options and requirements, visit INZ’s official website: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/media-centre/news-notifications/english-translations-required-for-visitor-visa-supporting-documents


🔗 Check out the range of visas that will allow you to visit New Zealand: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/visa-lists/all-visit-visas




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