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CCR Newsletter May 2022

These are exciting times. We are delighted to announce that New Zealand’s border will fully reopen on 31 July, which is two months earlier than what the Government initially planned. All visa categories will now be open for application. This includes visas for Tourists, Workers, Families and Students.


“New Zealand’s international border will reopen to all tourists and visa holders two months earlier than planned on 31 July,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.


The Government also announced major changes to immigration settings, the aim of which is to attract overseas construction, engineering, trades, health and tech workers.

Visa Extensions

Visa holders with visas expiring before 2023 are being granted a new two-year visa with open work conditions. Visas will be sent out by Immigration New Zealand by the end of May.


Immigration Minister, Kris Faafoi, explains this is so they and their employers aren’t affected by the upcoming changes. The hope here is to ensure skilled workers who are key contributors to different industries remain in the country.

Accredited Employer Work Visa

One of the major changes to the immigration settings is the implementation of a new temporary work visa, called Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), which is being introduced on 4 July 2022.

This new system provides employers a streamlined way to recruit migrant workers to fill key roles in their companies. It involves a 3-step process which we have outlined here:

  1. Getting accredited — All employers must apply even if you have been accredited under the previous system.
  2. Passing the job check — You will need to advertise the role that is open to locals and provide evidence for it.
  3. Visa application
    — If the job passes the job check, the migrant worker can apply for a visa.

We at CC Recruitment are happy to inform our clients that we would be working with them at every step of the process. This takes the guesswork out of providing candidate information as required by Immigration, sending out advertisements for the job role, and complying with the other conditions.

Click to read more about Accreditation and the Job Check.

Median Wage Exemption for Tourism and Hospitality

One thing of note to business owners and candidates in the tourism and hospitality sectors is the temporary wage exemption granted to them due to the financial pressures already suffered during the pandemic. The Government recognises these industries employ a large number of migrants so interim transition measures will be implemented from 4 July 2022.


Tourism and hospitality businesses are exempt from paying the median wage to recruit migrants on an Accredited Employer Work Visa. Instead, a lower wage threshold of $25 per hour will be required until April 2023, for employing migrants in these occupations.

The Green List

The Government has made it a point to attract and retain skilled workers to fill skill shortages. With this in mind, they are introducing The Green List, which commences on 4 July. This puts in place a streamlined and prioritised route to residency incentivising skilled healthcare, engineers, trade and tech sector workers to relocate to New Zealand long term.


Migrants earning 2x the median wage (median being $27.76 per hour) now qualify for residency after only 2 years. Immigration calls this the Fast-tracked ‘Straight to Residence’ Pathway.


Good news across the board! If you need any help sorting things out, CC Recruitment is happy to provide assistance. The team at CCR are happy to assist you with any and all needs.




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