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Big Changes This Year

Happy new year to you all! We hope you had a nice break. We’re back fulltime in the office now and there have been some really interesting developments over the summer in immigration that you can read about below.


We hope getting back into work mode hasn’t been too painful for you. We know this is a key time of year when employees look around for new opportunities, so please get in touch if you need any help with job placement, or visa support.

Immigration Update – Visa Extensions

There was an update released from Immigration NZ (INZ) just before Christmas that will enable onshore migrants to continue to fill labour shortages. The median wage will stay the same until at least June, too, which means the classification of skilled visas won’t yet be affected by a higher median wage threshold.


Here is a breakdown of some of the changes:

  • Employer-assisted work visa holders (and their partners and dependent children) who have a job and whose visas are expiring before 30 June 2021 will have their visas automatically extended by another six months.
  • Six months extension letters will be sent out and INZ systems updated to take effect in March.
  • The stand-down period, during which low-paid Essential Skills visa holders have to leave New Zealand, will be postponed until January 2022. The stand-down period means that Essential Skills visa holders earning less than the median wage (currently $25.50) must leave New Zealand for 12 months after having worked here for three years before they can return.
  • Immigration New Zealand will continue to use the 2019 median wage of $25.50 per hour for immigration settings until at least July 2021 at which point the median wage will rise to $27 per hour.
For more detail, see the full article here.


In addition to these changes the WTR (Accredited Employer) Visa is to be removed in July 2021, with a new accreditation process to start mid-2021. We’ll keep you updated with any changes you need to be aware of.

Update: Offshore Migrants

For now, it seems that the offshore visa processing suspension remains in place until early May 2021 and will continue to be reviewed monthly. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, however, indicated that New Zealand’s borders are likely to remain closed for the rest of the year.


It means no partnership visas will be granted until the suspension is lifted. One positive is that the stand-down has been delayed a further 12 months until January 2022 before any lower-skilled visa holders would be required to leave the country.


However, we are beginning the visa process for a small amount of Agricultural Machinery Operators and have had a positive response back from the Ministry for Primary Industries over the break, so we will continue working on this as an approved class exception to border policy.

Fieldays is on!

Last year the Fieldays events were cancelled due to Covid-19, but we’re excited to share that they’re back on in 2021!


Central District Fieldays are first up, and we hope to see you there in Feilding from 18-20 March. Come and have a chat at our stand – AG10.




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