CC Recruitment Moves Into New Territory

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Your time to re-focus!

Spring is in the air! For farmers that means calving is winding up, but there’s a huge focus now on milk production, so no rest for anyone! For those of you in construction, apiculture, and hospitality, the winter season can be equally grueling and you can lose your drive and focus. Spring is a great chance to regroup and re-motivate yourself.

Here’s a great article we found about getting and staying motivated.
CC Recruitment moves into new territory


This year has seen CC Recruitment recruit migrant workers into various new sectors and we’ve achieved fantastic outcomes for our clients who have struggled to find reliable local workers. Recently The Red Barn, a Tirau wedding and functions venue, hired Claire Ulbenario (a housekeeper/cleaner) through CC Recruitment. So far it’s been a great success. Claire says she likes her job because there’s not much pressure and “the employers are good and kind”.

She chose to move to New Zealand for work because she was seeking a bright future for her son and her family and so far she’s impressed.

“I like New Zealand because of the good environment, it’s a nice, quiet place with friendly people.”

Claire’s employer, Bridgette, says Claire is “doing really good. She’s very willing to do everything that’s required of her, she has a great attitude, she works hard and does a good job”.

Bridgette says before hiring Claire it was difficult to find reliable and willing staff. The experience has been so successful she’s now recruiting two more staff members, a chef and a groundsperson for The Red Barn.

Claire and her pooch austin

Claire is pictured here taking a break from work with pooch in residence, Austin.

Farewell to Marc

Many candidates will recognise Marc Gillan De Vera’s friendly face from our pastoral care team. Marc’s been working for CC Recruitment for almost three years but is taking off shortly.


Marc says he’s really enjoyed the successes of placing candidates in jobs in New Zealand and helping them through any difficulties, but it’s time for him to move into his area of passion: IT.

He says he’ll really miss his colleagues here at CC Recruitment as well as the many candidates he’s developed relationships with through his pastoral care work.

We will miss you too, Marc! You’ve been such a happy face in the office and you’re always so willing to help your colleagues and candidates, and of course, we’ll miss your exceptional IT problem-solving skills!

We wish you all the best in your new career and future endeavours.

Marc and his dog Nena

Marc’s pictured here with our CC Recruitment office mascot, Nena.

New Challenges for Partners Joining Recruits

In the past, many partners looking to join their migrant worker spouse/partner in New Zealand went down the route of applying for a General Visitor Visa (GVV) and then renewing it in order to stay longer with their spouse and use the evidence of them living together as proof of partnership for their Partnership Visa application.

However, Immigration NZ has recently clarified that it expects those seeking Partnership Visas to apply for a Partnership Visa in the first instance, rather than applying for a GVV, because the intention of obtaining a Visitor Visa should not be to join a partner. They had this to say:

“While it is accepted that under visitor visa instructions (V2.1.1), visiting family is a lawful purpose, it would appear that some applicants are also applying for GVV in the first instance due to the fact they understand they do not meet partnership instructions, when their intent is to be in NZ due to their partnership. If the intention to be in NZ is due to the relationship, applicants should apply for a Partnership Visa and, if it is established that partnership requirements are not met, a GVV can be considered.”


It’s important for recruits to be aware of this distinction. Some of the criteria for proving partnership is based on the length of the relationship and whether the couple are living together, but each case is taken on its own merits. If you need assistance to obtain a Partnership Visa, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Immigration Advisory team to get personalised advice.




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