Dutch Farmers Show NZ How to Take Action

Farm tractor on the road

Dutch farmers show NZ how to take action

The worst ever traffic jam the Netherlands has ever seen occurred on October 1, when thousands of Dutch farmers took to the highways in their tractors to protest the latest environment-driven initiatives promoted by politicians, which would see farmers have to halve their number of livestock.


The demonstration caused over 1,000kms of highway to be shut down (that’s more than the distance from Kaitaia to Wellington), yet 80% of the public supported the protests, which no doubt surprised the liberal MP Tjeerd de Groot who had called for the reduction in stock as a solution to the Government’s emission targets.


In light of the supportive reaction of the Dutch public, New Zealand farmers have taken note and are sharing their support online. On NZ Dairy Association’s Facebook page, one farmer suggested that New Zealand farmers also need to demonstrate that they have more public support than what the media suggests.


“In New Zealand we need to show what public support we have for what we already have done voluntarily to reduce our environmental footprint. Let’s show them what more we can do voluntarily without Government setting unrealistic targets which will ruin our economy.”


Perhaps it’s now time for New Zealand farmers to band together to make a similar demonstration of their importance to our economy?


Read more about the Dutch protest here.

A new life in Taranaki

When Paul Duffy couldn’t find any local workers to work on his 200-hectare dairy farm in Taranaki, he turned to CC Recruitment to help him recruit two migrant workers – Jayson Bargas and Jaffray Braceros from the Philippines.


The pair have been on the farm for over a month and so far they’re enjoying New Zealand and their new workplace.


Jaffray says he’s worked in other countries but he wanted to come to New Zealand for the work-life balance, great lifestyle and beautiful scenery.


“For me New Zealand is a great country to live in, and my favourite things about living here are nice weather, the beautiful beaches (which are truly a wonder), lots of green countryside and especially New Zealand’s native bush which is incredibly special.”


He’s also been pleasantly surprised by the level of autonomy he has in his work and the potential for career growth.


“I like the autonomy I have because my bosses allow me to innovate and use my initiative – in short, I like the idea that there is always room for learning and for personal growth.”


Jayson is also settling in nicely and says his job is interesting and has a good salary.
“The favourite thing I like here in New Zealand is the beautiful weather, good environment to live in and so much beautiful scenery.”


Paul says he’s been pleasantly surprised by their level of English and that both new employees are settling in nicely.


“We’ve got a few other employees and they fit in well.”

Your Tenancy Obligations

According to Trade Me’s latest rental data, the national median weekly rent is $500 (per rental property) per week. For migrants coming from the Philippines this is a staggering amount, but thankfully many employees have on site accommodation, so this cost is kept much lower.

When recruits sign their contract, they are aware of the accommodation cost, yet once they are working here, paying tax and possibly living in a far bigger house than they would expect to live in, they may question the cost of their accommodation.

To understand the median weekly rental cost of renting a house across New Zealand take a look at Trade Me’s latest rental statistics. You’ll likely find that you’re paying far less than market value for your rental.

It’s important to CC Recruitment that our recruits get a fair deal as tenants, so we’ve written a blog on the latest changes to Tenancy Law and tenants’ and landlords’ obligations. Read it to find out if your rental measures up.




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