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Finally, some fabulous news for our migrant workers and their families!

As we continue to strive against the pandemic, recent immigration news offers some hope to the migrant community that has been a long time overdue.


The NZ government recently announced a new one-off residence pathway for temporary work visa holders in New Zealand. CC Recruitment is extremely satisfied with this announcement as it will allow work visa holders, including their partners and dependents, to finally achieve permanent status in New Zealand.


You are eligible for the residence visa pathway if you are in New Zealand by September 29, 2021, and if you’re holding an eligible work visa or have applied for a work visa on or before that date that is subsequently approved.


You must also meet ONE of the three criteria:

  • have lived in New Zealand for three or more years, OR
  • earn at or above the median wage ($27 per hour), OR
  • work in a role on a scarce list

Applications will be open in two phases from 1 December 2021, for eligible applicants and 1 March 2022, for remaining qualified applicants.


If you have applied for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) or filed an Expression of Interest or on a Talent Accredited work visa, you will receive an email from Immigration New Zealand with further information by the end of October.


More information about fees and the application process will be available here by month-end.

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The government expects to process More than 45,000 applications for the first phase.


Then on 1 March 2022, an additional 120,000 residency applications will be processed along with their family members. It will also enable more than 5,000 health and aged care workers, around 9000 primary industry workers and more than 800 teachers to benefit from this one-off resident visa. 15,000 Construction and 12,000 manufacturing workers can also take advantage of this opportunity.


Here’s the list of visas that can potentially be given residence status:

  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa
  • Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV)
  • Religious Worker Work Visa
  • Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Work Visa
  • Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa
  • Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa
  • Trafficking Victim Work Visa
  • Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Category Job Search Work Visa
  • Victims of Family Violence Work Visa
  • South Island Contribution Work Visa
  • Work Visa granted under Section 61 (provided the applicant held another eligible visa type within six months before being given a Section 61 visa)
  • Some Critical Purpose Visitor Visas (CPVV):
    • Critical health workers for longer-term roles (6 months or longer), and
    • Other critical workers for long term roles (more than six months).

Short-term visa holders are not eligible, such as visitors, students, working holiday makers, and seasonal workers like those on the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme.

The visa will also be available for those who enter New Zealand as critical workers, and their families, for roles six months or longer until 31 July 2022.


Applications can be submitted online and expect a shorter processing timeframe to get resident visas. NZ Immigration says that most applications will get processed within a year or faster which is a godsend for those still waiting for updates for the past several years. As usual, there will still be health and character assessments, but it’s worth mentioning that there won’t be a need for an English test. There’s no age limit for candidates, and both medicals and police clearances are not initially required unless requested by the case officer.

CCR FB Live: One-off Resident Visa 2021

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Watch the Facebook Live here: One-Off Resident Visa 2021


Soon after the new one-off residence visa got announced, the CCR team did a Facebook Live to answer questions from our clients, candidates, and followers who wanted to know more about the announcement and our services. It was a lively discussion as we provided insights and details about the NZ Immigration update. We related what this announcement means for business owners and employers as well as migrants and employees who have worked and lived in New Zealand for several years but are still on temporary visas. We’ll get more details from Immigration New Zealand on the fees, timeframes, and a checklist of documentation to process your applications by the end of October.


We can consider this an early Christmas present for many of our candidates on temporary visas.


There’s still a lot of work before you can get your resident visas. The CCR Team will be in contact with our clients and candidates in the next few weeks regarding standard documentation and relevant processes. We only have 5-6 months to prepare everyone’s application including partners and children. This is a one-off opportunity, and we would like to make sure that your application is carefully planned, properly prepared and presented to Immigration New Zealand by the due date. Our trusted and experienced licensed immigration advisers will make sure your application is complete and faultless before submission.


This announcement is the change and step-up we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the end of the uncertainty for the migrants that have made New Zealand home. We couldn’t be more pleased to assist you all through the process of gaining permanent status in New Zealand.




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