May Updates

Hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2023! In this newsletter, we have some important updates from Immigration New Zealand that you should know about, our latest blog on how to make your CV stand out and sponsorship announcement.

Incoming Changes to Partner of a Worker Work Visa

People who successfully apply for a Partner of a Worker Work Visa on or after 31 May 2023 may have new conditions that mean:

  • They can only work for an Accredited Employer
  • They cannot work in roles covered by capped sector agreements.
  • If working in a role not covered by a sector agreement, they must be paid at least the median wage in effect at the time they receive their visa, or when they receive a job offer, whichever is later. This is currently NZD $29.66.
  • If working in a role covered by an uncapped sector agreement, they must be paid at least the relevant wage threshold in place. They will not be subject to a stand-down period.

This includes most partners of workers who hold an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) or an Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV).

Launch of Accredited Employer Search Tool on Immigration New Zealand website on May 31

The new search tool on the INZ website will make it easy for migrants with a partnership work visa to check if their current or prospective employer is accredited – giving these employers access to a pool of workers only available to Accredited Employers.

Visa holders will be able to search the name or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) of the employer they are interested in working for. Search results will display:

  • The company name
  • Trading name
  • NZBN
  • Accreditation expiry date

Accredited employers may want to include their company name, or NZBN in future job advertisements so people looking to work for an Accredited Employer can easily confirm they can work for them.

The tool will go live on the INZ website on 31 May. If you do not want your business to feature in the tool, call the Immigration Contact Centre Employer Line, on (0508) 967-569, to ask to have it removed.

Want to make your Curriculum Vitae stand out? Read our latest blog about the common mistakes to avoid in your CV!

It is important to have a well written resume, so that you make a good impression on the recruiter. Our team reads many CVs and we thought we would give you some tips to increase your chances of getting to the next stage in the recruitment process.

Sponsorship Announcement

We are happy to announce our sponsorship of Community Football in partnership with the Refugee Orientation Centre. We believe in bringing the community together to spark new opportunities. Bring your friends and family to play a friendly game of football at Unirec on June 3 at 1pm.




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