More Success Stories and Tackling Worker Concerns

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And just like that, we are already in February! The team at CCR has been super busy with heaps of visa renewals and new placements. As always we are enjoying keeping up and watching the progress of our candidates and hearing great stories from your employers!

Don’t forget, the team at CCR are always here to help, whether you are wanting to change farm, renew your visa, or just need some good ol’ kiwi advice.

Success Story

Man beside a truck from JSwap

New Zealand is currently facing a shortage of truck drivers, CCR has expanded into the truck driving industry and was excited to have our first truck driving candidates arrive in New Zealand. Gennell and Christopher were among our first truck driving candidates who were on their way to Matamata to work for J Swaps.

Man beside a truck from JSwap

A couple of months on we caught up with Gennell and Christopher to see how their jobs were going and how they were adapting to New Zealand. Both Christopher and Gennell said they had been wanting to come to New Zealand for the lifestyle and work opportunities. Now they are here, they are pretty happy. Gennell said working in New Zealand has been a dream come true, he’s so happy right now having this kind of job and having a good employer. Gennell says New Zealand is really starting to feel like home to him now and he can’t believe how nice and friendly the people are. Christopher says it has been an adjustment as he hasn’t worked overseas before, but he is enjoying New Zealand and his new job, even though it can be a bit stressful at times. 

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The team at CCR wishes both Gennell and Christopher all the best with their new jobs and we hope in the near future we will be able to bring more truck drivers to New Zealand.

Our Advice - Minimum Wage Increase

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As of April 1, 2019, New Zealand’s minimum wage increases from $16.50 an hour, to $17.70 an hour. 

This change may affect you if you are on the current minimum wage of $16.50 an hour. We recommend you check your contract and if you have any questions regarding if this minimum wage increase affects you, the team at CCR are happy to help.

For more information on the minimum wage, and the Government’s future plans for the minimum wage, please see

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Worried about the stand down period?

It has come to our attention lately that a lot of Filipino workers and employers are becoming concerned about the potential stand down period where lower-skilled workers would face a 12-month stand down period after working for three consecutive years in New Zealand. 

CCR is here to help! If you have any questions about how this may affect you or potential action to take to make sure it doesn’t affect you, please contact the team at CCR on 07 9749201.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to give Andrea Ryan a call on 021 026 82815 or the office on 07 9749201.




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